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Grammy® Award Winner for “Best Musical Theater Album” of 2015

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Douglas McGrath’s smart, well-crafted, and funny book cleverly threads together a memorable catalog of early rock hits. BEAUTIFUL also boasts a winning central performance by Jessie Mueller as the shy Jewish girl from Brooklyn who only gradually comes into her own as a headlining voice of a generation. She’s as beautiful as she feels.”

Entertainment Weekly

Strikes Genuine grace notes!

Singing with aching, honest emotion, this moving performance should make Jessie Mueller a household name.”

NY Post

A Must See

It’s a rich thrill to see the new musical BEAUTIFUL, whether you’re a King fan or you’re fascinated by the music business.”

NBC, New York

Instantly joins the ranks of the irresistible!

Take my word, the earth under the theater moves, it moves!”

The Huffington Post

Out of control amazing!

This is one of those special performances you really remember. Jessie Mueller becomes a star right before your very eyes.”

The Wall Street Journal

Carole King fans will love it!

With Marc Bruni’s crisp direction and Josh Prince’s precision choreography, the song hits segue seamlessly on Derek McLane’s grid set — from drab office to glittery concert stage — with the efficiency of one of librettist Douglas McGrath’s snappy lines.”


It's some kind of wonderful!

The first-rate cast makes the whole thing sing quite beautifully.”


Lead me to beautiful and I'll happily follow!

You can’t help getting caught up in it!”

New York Observer

Chilina Kennedy Dazzles as she Captures Carole King to Perfection!

as she captures Carole King to perfection!”

Toronto Star